Thursday, April 25, 2013

Action Captain by Sungold

In an effort to "cash-in" on the popularity of movies by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sungold produced Action Captain. The figure below re-uses the Galaxy Warriors' body with a new head sculpt meant to look like Arnold. The Sungold label can be seen on the bottom left corner of the blister card.

Not all of the Action Captain figures used a new head sculpt. The two figures below use the sculpt of the Galaxy Warrior Rahh, with the addition of a painted-on mustache. 

A close-up of "Rahh the Action Captain" (below), plus a cool accessory, a 1980's military style phone.

This figure (below) has the head of the Galaxy Warrior Triton with a painted-on beard.

And this figure (below) is Triton with blonde hair.

Was the Action Captain "knocked-off"?
Some other figures were released under the Action Captain title, but on different blister cards without the Sungold label. The above "Captains" in this post seem to be of a higher quality than the figures shown below. The quality of the figures below, particularly their arms and heads, are not as good, and their blister cards do not have the Sungold label. Also, the blister card art has been changed to incorporate allusions to the movie Terminator.
    Additionally, the heads seem to be somewhat "shrunken" compared to the Rahh heads used in the above figures. This shrunken-head syndrome seems to be common among later re-releases of Sungold figures, even Galaxy Warriors. [For more information on Galaxy Warrior re-releases and shrunken-head examples, please see What are the Galaxy Warriors?]
    It is unclear at this time if Sungold was connected to the Action Captain figures shown below, or if those figures were "knock-offs" of the above figures. If the sub-par Action Captains are still Sungold figures, then we can safely say they are later releases, while the higher quality figures above come from the first release of the Action Captain line.

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