Tiger Man

Tiger Man is one of the coolest of all the Galaxy Warriors, and one of my personal favorites. The tiger-head is a really nice sculpt and pretty unique among MOTU imitation-style action figure lines.

Pale Head:
Though it might be hard to tell from the photos, the Tiger Man on what I call a "version two" cardback (below), has a lighter head than the Tiger Man shown at the top of this page. For more information about the differences between version one and version two Galaxy Warriors see, What are the Galaxy Warriors?

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  1. Hi! I just found my old He-man collection, and looked up all the figures i have.
    But there was 2 figures that dident match, and after a long search i found this site, and the figures was Tiger Man and Sahak from the Galaxy Warrios. I have always thougt that all my figures was from the "Real He-Man Colletion". So thanks to your site i now knows the diffrent :) // Mark, From Sweden.