Magnon is one of the more common Galaxy Warrior characters that can be found on the secondary market. I have seen two "variations" of Magnon, one with a tan head (above), and one with a pale head (below).

Pale head.

Comparison of pale and tan headed Magnons.

Magnon was one of several Warriors copied and used by Sewco in their Galaxy Fighters toy-line. He was renamed Daton and given black hair (below). For more information about the interesting connections between Galaxy Warriors and Galaxy Fighters see, Warriors Becoming Fighters.

Magnon Images:


  1. Came across some listings for French versions of the Galaxy Warriors's cards where they were called "L'INVINCIBLE GALAXIE". Only 6 of the figures were released in this version according to the card back, unless it was in a couple waves. They have a listing for all 6 character's cards though in their auctions.

  2. Magnon is the GW cover boy. That's pretty clearly his helmet design present on both the blister card and the Fearful Beast boxes.

    I really love that head design.

  3. Hello again!

    I was poking around "the Googles" trying to see if perhaps Magnon's distinct helmet might have been lifted from a Frazetta piece... And I think it has.
    The design has been simplified to be accomodated to a soft rubber head but the details are all there. The bird motif, the pointy back end, the crest on top, even the line bleeding out from the "wings".

    I do wonder if any full paintings exist that feature this helmet. I've thus far only found those two black&white pieces.

    1. Digging further, both images seem to originate from John Carter-related works.