Ygg is a creepy looking action figure, but pretty cool because of his uniqueness. While some Galaxy Warrior heads were re-used ("knocked-off") in other toy-lines, such as Galaxy Fighters or Galaxy Heroes, Ygg's head was not. The details on this figure are very nice, especially for what some might consider a "cheap imitation" of Masters of the Universe.

Ygg's creepy and outlandish design has a very different feel than the design of most of the other Warriors. The reason for this is because Ygg's design comes from a painting by Charles Moll (below), while many of the other Warrior designs come from paintings by Frank Frazetta.

Special thanks to Blazing Tornado for spotting the book cover and making the connection.

Pale Head:
A "version two" Ygg on a cardback without his name (below). Notice how the head is a paler color than the figure shown above. For more information on the differences between what I call version one and version two Galaxy Warriors see, What are the Galaxy Warriors?

Ygg Images:

Ygg was one of many Galaxy Warriors knocked-off in the toy-line Turly Gang. The Turly version is blue with an orange head (below).


  1. I thought Ygg's head WAS reused in Galaxy Heroes. They removed the "unicorn" middle horn but otherwise that was his head on the Minotaur from Galaxy Heroes, was it not?

  2. Hm. While Spikes, Huk, the Beasts and a lot of the accessories can trace their roots to the art of Frank Frazetta.... Could Ygg's have come from the cover of this 1976 paperback anthology, with cover art by Charles Moll? http://www.isfdb.org/cgi-bin/pl.cgi?53435

    1. Wow, that is a great find! I have never seen that book cover before, but yeah, it definitely looks exactly like Ygg. And since that painting is from 1976 it pre-dates the GW line. We may never know for sure, but I would bet that Ygg's design comes from that image. Thanks for finding that. I'm going to add it to the blog.