Sahak is a strange looking figure. His head sculpt is nice, but not as detailed as the heads of other figures in the line. Sahak's snake-head doesn't have the expressive details of figures like Dino Man, Baltard, Triton or Ygg. It is covered in scales, and it is these scale lines that probably limited the expressive lines that could be placed on this head.
    The snake-headed Sahak came out before Masters of the Universe produced their own snake-headed character, Rattlor.

Sahak vs. Kobra:
Sahak's character was copied in Sewco's Galaxy Fighters toy-line. Kobra's head is smaller than Sahak's, so it is easy to tell them apart.

Kobra on left, Sahak on right.
Sahak Images:


  1. Hi! I 've just found this blog. Congrats, it's great. :)
    My name is Mirko. I live in Italy.
    I have a question about Sahak.
    I remember that in the early nineties I've bought a cobra-man warrior. Unfortunately, I don't have it no more. I think, after I carefully watched all the cobra type warriors from several "know-off" toy-line, that my cobra-man was Sahak... but there's something that does not match with my memories: I remember that he had a sabre istead of an axe... not a longsword (like Galaxy Fighter's Kobra), I'm pretty sure that it was a sabre. But I don't find anywhere in the internet a picture of Sahak wielding a sabre. Can you help me with this issue? Do you know of a Sahak version that came with a sabre?
    Thank you :)

  2. Hi Mirko,
    There was no Sahak in the original GW line that came with a sabre, as there was no sabre available for any of the figures. I don't believe ther was a sabre in the Galaxy Fighters line either, but maybe one of the later lines that knocked-off or reused the original Warriors and Fighters molds might have included a sabre. Maybe the Turly Gang line? If I figure out what line included a snake-man and a sabre I will let you know. Thanks for visiting the blog.

    1. Hi, thanks for your reply. :)
      Sorry, maybe (or surely) I expressed myself badly. I meant somekind of curved sword, such as the one Baltard has.


    2. Oh, OK. Yeah, I have seen him posed in pictures with a curved sword, but I haven't seen a still carded version that included a curved sword. What weapons came with what figures was mostly random, as far as I know, so some Sahak figures may have come with a curved sword, but I haven't seen enough carded versions to know for sure. Hopefully some more carded images will appear some day and help us figure this out.