The coolness of the Triton figure comes from the great detail that was put into his head design, which includes sweet sideburns.

Awesome sideburns give Triton an edge over other similar figures.

A version two release of Triton with no name on the blister card.
A later release of Triton (below) where the figure's limbs are not as "clean" as the limbs on an early release version. The Sungold stamp is on his back, instead of the leg, and it does not include the "Made in Hong Kong" disclaimer. This might be a hint that tells us this Triton was part of Sungold's re-release line Freedom Fighters.

Green Trunks Variant ?!

The normal blister card releases of Triton came with red trunks, but there is a rare version with green trunks (see below). The green trunks version has only been seen packaged in Beast Sets, and it is very likely that the green version only came with these Beast Sets. A green trunk variant of Magnon has also been seen in a beast set, and a green trunk variant of Anubi is known to exist but whether or not that figure was also in a beast set is as of yet unknown. [Special thanks to fan of Ferror, Phelan Porteous, for bringing this variant to my attention.]



    So this Triton has green trunks instead. Maybe this was a variant that'd only show up with the beast sets as I seen a not as great pic of Magnon like this as well.$T2eC16VHJH!FFmLhZbhKBSBCdrPdc!~~60_12.JPG

    I kind of wondering about this after seeing one of the pics you posted before of Anubi in green trunks

  2. Thanks for the pics Phelan! This is the first I have seen of a Triton or Magnon in green trunks. That is really interesting. Your theory about the green trunks being a variant only included in the Beast set seems very plausible to me. I have never seen a blister card example with green trunks, so until we have evidence to the contrary, I think we can safely say the green trunks Triton and Magnon, and most likely Anubi only came in the Beast sets. Now I wonder if the green trunks versions were only in Beast sets released in certain areas? Hmm?

    1. Yeah could be, if where they showed up from on Ebay is where they were actually released it wasn't limited to one country at the very least though as I've seen Spain and Italy thus far.