Dino Man

Is Dino Man the coolest of all the Galaxy Warriors? In my opinion, yes, but you are free to disagree with me. The detail on Dino Man's head is really great and it makes him a perfect example of why Galaxy Warriors should not be written off as a cheap "throw-away" toy-line.

Green Head:
My Mammoth figure came with a Dino Man that has a green head (below), instead of the standard peach/tan head.

Green-headed Dino Man.

Pale Head:
A "version two" Dino Man (below) on a cardback without his name. Notice how the head is a paler color and it is a little bit smaller. For more information on the differences between what I call version one and version two Galaxy Warriors see, What are the Galaxy Warriors? 

Version Two Dino Man.


  1. wonderful!! I got one some days ago and your info is very useful. thanks

  2. http://flyingcatmanmx.blogspot.mx/2014/08/dino-man.html

  3. Oh...i love this figure!As i happen to live in South America,it took me a long time to find some info about this toy line...but at last!Let me tell you this page is awesome!Great work!And the Frazetta stuff...so great!Thanks and long live GW!!!!