Tiger (Beast)

The Tiger is one of four "Fearful Beasts" available in the Galaxy Warriors toy-line. The other beasts are the Mammoth, Dinosaur and the Horse. All four beasts are very rare and they all came packaged in the same box with the title Fearful Beast from the Planet Ferror.
     The Tiger is a pretty cool looking and it is in a crouched position as if it were ready to pounce and attack. This pose is very different than Battle Cat's pose from the Masters of the Universe toy-line (Below).
Battle Cat from Mattel's Masters of the Universe toy-line.
The Tiger is known to have come packaged with three different Galaxy Warrior figures; Baltard, Magnon, and Triton.

Tiger with Baltard.

Tiger with Magnon.

Tiger with Triton.
Tiger Images:

On the Tiger's belly, near its rear legs you can see the stamp that reads "Made in Hong Kong, Sungold" (above image).

Did the Frank Frazetta painting Flying Reptiles (below) inspire the design of the Galaxy Warriors's Tiger? To read more about this possibility see The Frazetta Connection.


  1. Hi John,
    I thought I'd add my two cents on 'Tiger'.
    As I previously mentioned with 'Horse', I still own my childhood version of 'Tiger' also. Again this was packaged with no rider/figure included. Do you know if this was a common occurrence for 'Tiger'? I tend to see Magnon or Baltard riding it in most photos I come across.
    I'm from New Zealand, so could that have something to do with my 'Horse' and 'Tiger' being packaged without riders ???

    1. Perhaps when the Beasts were released in New Zealand they just didn't include riders. You're the only person I have heard from personally who has had this happen. Hopefully in the future we will hear from others about how their figures came packaged. Maybe removing the riders was a cost saving move to make the packages lighter for shipping to NZ and maybe Australia too? I'm not sure. That's very interesting though, so thanks for sharing.