Friday, October 10, 2014

Spikes and Dinosaur

It has now been confirmed that some of the Dinosaur figures came packaged with Spikes. A fellow action figure collector, Rick Thorne, found a vintage Dinosaur w/ Spikes combo at a garage sale and he was generous enough to send the following pictures. Thanks Rick!
     That makes two confirmed characters packaged with the Dinosaur, Anubi and Spikes.
For more info on the Dinosaur go HERE

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Awesome Accessories: Monsters of the Galaxy

Produced in the 80's by Camy, these Monsters of the Galaxy figures were scaled appropriately for He-Man (and Galaxy Warriors) figures. The Rhino is like the Imperial rhino figure, only not as imposing, but the long-necked dragon is super awesome and unique.

Awesome Accessories: Emerald Empress and Imperial Horse

If you need a horse figure for your Warriors to ride, then here are two cool examples from Imperial. Their horse with the "standard" Imperial saddle and a super cool chariot that is basically a knock-off of the chariots from the Golden Girl toy-line.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Video Game Huk !

Remember the video game Golden Axe released in 1989 for Sega? It was a great game full of sword and sorcery barbarian carnage, and the box artwork is below.

If we look closely at the character riding the dinosaur we see a very familiar image (see detail below).

This guy looks like the viking-styled Galaxy Warrior Huk. The helmet is the same as Huk's helmet, and although Huk was made with an orange beard, the prototype for Huk, seen on the back of the Beast from Ferror box, has a yellow beard (shown below).

This is an amazing coincidence, and it is very possible that the inspiration for the Golden Axe barbarian did not come from Huk, but instead came from the same Frank Frazetta painting, Snow Giants, that Huk's design comes from. A detail from that painting is below.

To learn more about the Galaxy Warriors' connection to the art of Frank Frazetta please see The Frazetta Connection. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Awesome Accessories: MOTU Classics Castle Grayskull

The Masters of the Universe Classics toy-line just released a Castle Grayskull set which is massive and mind-blowingly awesome.

Although it is meant for newer more articulate action figures, the castle is perfect for Galaxy Warriors.

King Dino Man !

Dino Man riding on the MOTU Classics Panthor:

Custom Huk

Here is a cool custom Huk made from a Masters of the Universe Classics King Grayskull figure. [This custom was made by member Claw Guy 3.]