Monday, August 31, 2015

The design of Ygg

While many of the Galaxy Warriors are inspired by the paintings of Frank Frazetta, it appears that one Warrior was inspired by a painting by Charles Moll. This painting (below) from 1976 was used as the cover to the book Visions of Tomorrow, a science fiction anthology.

Look at that horrific face and then look at the head of Ygg (below). For more images of Ygg to compare to the painting, go to his page HERE.

It's the SAME head! The painting pre-dates the GW toy-line, so not only is it possible that it was the inspiration for Ygg, but I would say it is definitely probable. We know that other paintings were used as inspiration for other figures in the line, so it makes sense that they used a painting for Ygg as well. His look is so crazy and outlandish, even compared to the other Warriors, that it is hard to imagine someone coincidentally designing the same creepy head that Charles Moll painted a few years earlier.
Special thanks to Blazing Tornado for spotting the book cover and making the connection.