Horse (Beast)

The Horse is one of four "Fearful Beasts" in the Galaxy Warriors line. The other beasts are the Mammoth, Dinosaur and Tiger. All the beasts came packaged in the same type of box with the title, The Fearful Beast from the Planet Ferror.
    The Horse should have come packaged with a figure from the line, and I have only ever seen the Horse in its box once, and that Horse came with Rahh (see the end of this page for more information). Out of all the beasts, I have the least amount of information about the Horse.

As strange as it sounds, the Horse may be the scariest of the four beasts because of its red "demonic" eyes. The two images above are the only ones I have seen of the Horse in real life beyond its picture on the Beast of Ferror box (seen below). Somewhere on the Horse's belly there should be a stamp that reads "Sungold Made in Hong Kong." This stamp is on the underside of all the Beasts.

The Horse's "Blanket"
The Horse image above, from the Beast of Ferror box, shows the Horse with some sort of blanket on its back, probably representing a crude saddle. No other beasts in the line came with any accessories, aside form a figure.

Why isn't the horse shown with a rider?
     This is a very interesting question. Images found on the side of the beast box show Galaxy Warriors riding the different beasts from the line. There are two pictures, one on each side, and each has a different picture. There are two warriors riding beasts in each image, allowing for all four beasts to have been shown. However, the Dinosaur, Tiger and Mammoth are all represented, but no Horse. Instead of using the Horse, the Mammoth is in both images (Below).

Magnon (on the right) wearing a prototype painted sun harness.
It could be that the people in charge of putting together the beast box images simply messed up or were not that careful. The box packaging certainly has its share of inaccuracies in regards to what was actually available to consumers. (The box shows prototypes for Huk, Dragoon and the Sun Harness.) So it really isn't that strange that the Horse was forgotten about when it was picture time. I am thankful that the beast box was not "corrected" because it gives us a glimpse of early prototypes and ideas that we would otherwise never know about.
Horse and Rahh!
   The Horse, at some point, was released packaged with Rahh from the Galaxy Warriors: Swords & Sorcerers line. This is really interesting because Rahh was released sometime after the initial GW figures were released. Was Rahh available earlier than his S&S release as a figure exclusively packaged with the Horse?

The front of the packaging is the standard Beast of Ferror box, but the back is very different (see below).

For starters, the image on the back only shows four figures. It should be noted that these four are the four warriors that were released in the UK under the subtitle: Swords & Sorcerers. The names of the figures are also incorrect, as Magnon and Baltard are on the bottom, and Deevil and Rahh are on the top. All four figures are wearing the painted "prototype" harnesses, and this is, to my current knowledge, the only time we get to see the square harness with a black square.
   This box is the also the only example of Deevil and Rahh being packaged in something with the Sungold stamp on it. The Swords & Sorcerer blister cards were produced by and stamped Acamas Toys.
   The white box on the top right corner reads: Distributed by Household Industries, Melina III Made in Hong Kong. It does not reference Sungold, but the Sungold stamp can be found on the sides of the box.
   Even more interesting than the four-figure line up are the images of the four beasts. The Mammoth, Dinosaur, and Tiger all have paint jobs that are much nicer than the versions one could actually buy. But the Horse in this image is the strangest thing on this box, because the horse pictured is different than the actual horse that was produced. The legs are different, the head is different, the mane is different, and the blanket/saddle is different. Its a completely different figure than what actually comes inside the box. It is interesting to note that the pictured horse is the only figure with a blue background, making me think that this image was taken at a different time than all the others. Perhaps this represents a new version of the horse that they were working on, or maybe this is an early prototype that got completely redesigned. And when it came time to make this package, they accidentally used the prototype image instead of the real image. The package already has incorrect names next to the figures.
  My money is on the idea that the horse shown here is a prototype that got redesigned.
  This packaging brings up a few questions:
1. Was the Horse ever released in the standard Ferror Beast-box?
2. Was this packaging supposed to coincide with the four-figure Swords & Sorcerers GW toy-line? If so, then why does the packaging have the Sungold stamp instead of the Acamas Toys stamp like the other S&S releases?
3. Does the appearance of a prototype horse help explain why the horse is not shown on the sides of the box? Perhaps the new horse design wasn't ready by the time they took the pictures for the sides of the box and thus, it was left out.

The sides of the box also include one new image not shown on the original box (above). This image shows Deevil and Rahh riding two of the beasts. The other image from the box is the image shown earlier with Baltard and Magnon riding the Dinosaur and Mammoth respectively.
   The image that includes Deevil and Rahh raises an important question. Were these two figures produced at the same time as the original 12 figures? If so, then why were they not included with the original series, and only released later on the S&S blister cards? The S&S carded figures were sold in the UK by Acamas Toys, but this Rahh with Horse was sold in America at a Ben Franklin store.


  1. Hey, just finished a couple vids on Galaxy Warriors.
    Gave your awesome blog a shout out. Thanks for some of the never ending info on these guys.
    I also ended up with that Rahh with the Horse so I got some nicer shots of it, if you want to use any go ahead, and the released Horse apparently wasn't manufactured by Sungold but by "Diamond P".

  2. I have a black back card for Deevil in my collection

    Which proves that at least deevil was released on the regular galaxy warriors card

    Best regards,
    Derek (member drekkus on

    1. Oh that's cool! Do you have a pic of it anywhere? Is the cardback any different or just a standard GW card?

  3. standard GW card, I need to search for a pic. The card is stashed away somewhere

  4. Just in case you hadn't come across it before, this mold is really similar to that of another company (a toy horse manufacturer called Breyer). This is what they look like:

    This model looks like it might (?) be styrene, Breyers are made of cellulose acetate.

    1. Thanks for the link, I had never heard of Breyer before. The GW Horse could definitely be based or copied from a horse in some other line. I'm sure there must have been lots of toy horses being made in Hong Kong that Sungold could have copied. Also, any of those Breyer horses would make great mounts for the Galaxy Warriors.

      And thanks for the information about what type of plastic may have been used. It would be really interesting to learn for sure what plastics were used in the GW toy-line.

  5. I still have my original childhood GW 'Horse' with saddle. It wasn't packaged with a figure however (I already had Dino-man and my mother purchased 'Horse' purely for him to ride). Shame I never kept the box, but I'm sure it was the standard 'Fearful Beast' box, not the one with the crazy prototype above.

  6. here is a video that includes the horse the tiger isn't though