Dinosaur (Beast)

The Dinosaur is one of the four "Fearful Beast" available in the Galaxy Warriors toy-line. [The other beasts are the Mammoth, Horse and the Tiger.]
    The Dinosaur is really cool and it matches the dinosaur artwork from the front of the box. That dinosaur image was copied from a Frank Frazetta painting (A detail from that painting is below). For more information on the inspirations behind the design of this figure see The Frazetta Connection.

Detail from Frank Frazetta's Tyrannosaurus Rex

Notice how the Dinosaur figure is in the same pose as the dinosaur in the painting. Left leg forward, mouth open and three fingers on each hand.

The Dinosaur, like the Tiger and Mammoth, came with no saddle or accessories. Figures are meant to ride on its shoulders, as seen in the photo from the side of the box (below). Somewhere on the Dinosaur's underside should be a stamp reading "Sungold Made in Hong Kong." This stamp is on the underside of all the Beasts.

The Dinosaur is known to have been packaged with an Anubi or Spikes figure (see below). Other figures may have come with it but I don't know of any other confirmed combinations. [I will update this page whenever I learn of other figures that came with the Dinosaur.]

Dinosaur and Anubi


  1. I just found a dinosaur/spikes combination in original packaging at a garage sale.

    1. Wow, great find! Garage sales are the best, although I have never found any Galaxy Warriors at any myself. I would love to see your Dinosaur/ Spikes pack and post a picture of it on the blog. If you'd be willing to send me some pictures of it, it would be very informative and much appreciated.