Version one release of Thor with name on blister card.
Thor is the only character in the line that has a name taken directly from Norse mythology. Visually he is very different from the other human figures in the line. The spiked helmet is really cool, and his eyes make him appear possessed and creepy, and less human than Magnon or Triton. If you wanted to classify any of the Galaxy Warrior characters as "evil", then I think Thor would be part of that group.

A later Version Three release of Thor, holding weapons from the Dungeons & Dragons toy-line.

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  1. Have you ever heard of a purple-faced Thor?
    Because I acquired one from France... It's a legit Sungold piece with the manufacturer stamp on the leg, but the face has been painted over in purple. This isn't a custom paint application either, it was applied to the face before the eye paint, as it "passes" under the eyes to be flush. It's as factory quality as the rest of his paints.
    Here's where I got him:

    My own photograph of him.