Huk is the coolest of all the human characters in the Galaxy Warrior line, and he might just be the coolest viking-like action figure from the 1980's.

Huk's beard is truly awesome.

Huk's appearance was heavily inspired by Frank Frazetta's paintings. For more information about this inspiration check out The Frazetta Connection.

Woolworth's Huk ?
Huk released on a Galaxy Warriors card with a Woolworth's stamp instead of a Sungold stamp in the bottom left corner. The figure looks to be an original version one Huk, so perhaps this was part of a deal Sungold made with Woolworth's when they sold GW figures in their stores. It is interesting to note that the price tag also appears to be printed on the packaging. This makes me believe that some special blister cards were printed up for figures sold at Woolworth's, at least initially.
   It is also interesting to remember that Woolworth's produced their own Galaxy Warrior toys in 1987, though they bear no resemblance to Sungold's figures.

What appears to be a prototype of Huk appears on the back of the boxes that held the beast figures. This image (seen below) shows Huk with a blonde beard and a silver helmet, instead of the orange beard and brown helmet he was actually released with. This packaging also shows a prototype image of Dragoon.

Huk Images:


  1. Thought you might find this interesting. Huk with a Woolworth stamp instead of Sungold.

  2. Thanks for the pic, Phelous. That is really interesting. I will update Huk's page to include this. Hopefully I can find some information about how many GW characters got released on Woolworth cards.

  3. I have one Huk, it's really awesome.

    1. I agree. Huk is one of the coolest barbarian action figures, not just from the Galaxy Warriors, but from any toy-line. Maybe its the thick orange beard.

  4. I have two Huks. Both variants.

    I did re-accessorize mine using Remco wrestler reproduction pieces (Nord The Barbarian's fur pelts) and accessories from Super Naturals and Golden Girl to make him even more viking barbarian-y.