Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Deevil on original GW blister card!

It appears that Deevil was released on the original Galaxy Warriors cardback, and not just on the later Swords & Sorcerers cardback. Deevil may have been only released this way in certain countries and in a limited amount before getting released on the S&S card. Special thanks to Drekkus for the information and image. This figure comes from his excellent personal collection.

Monday, August 31, 2015

The design of Ygg

While many of the Galaxy Warriors are inspired by the paintings of Frank Frazetta, it appears that one Warrior was inspired by a painting by Charles Moll. This painting (below) from 1976 was used as the cover to the book Visions of Tomorrow, a science fiction anthology.

Look at that horrific face and then look at the head of Ygg (below). For more images of Ygg to compare to the painting, go to his page HERE.

It's the SAME head! The painting pre-dates the GW toy-line, so not only is it possible that it was the inspiration for Ygg, but I would say it is definitely probable. We know that other paintings were used as inspiration for other figures in the line, so it makes sense that they used a painting for Ygg as well. His look is so crazy and outlandish, even compared to the other Warriors, that it is hard to imagine someone coincidentally designing the same creepy head that Charles Moll painted a few years earlier.
Special thanks to Blazing Tornado for spotting the book cover and making the connection.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Spikes and Dinosaur

It has now been confirmed that some of the Dinosaur figures came packaged with Spikes. A fellow action figure collector, Rick Thorne, found a vintage Dinosaur w/ Spikes combo at a garage sale and he was generous enough to send the following pictures. Thanks Rick!
     That makes two confirmed characters packaged with the Dinosaur, Anubi and Spikes.
For more info on the Dinosaur go HERE

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Awesome Accessories: Monsters of the Galaxy

Produced in the 80's by Camy, these Monsters of the Galaxy figures were scaled appropriately for He-Man (and Galaxy Warriors) figures. The Rhino is like the Imperial rhino figure, only not as imposing, but the long-necked dragon is super awesome and unique.

Awesome Accessories: Emerald Empress and Imperial Horse

If you need a horse figure for your Warriors to ride, then here are two cool examples from Imperial. Their horse with the "standard" Imperial saddle and a super cool chariot that is basically a knock-off of the chariots from the Golden Girl toy-line.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Video Game Huk !

Remember the video game Golden Axe released in 1989 for Sega? It was a great game full of sword and sorcery barbarian carnage, and the box artwork is below.

If we look closely at the character riding the dinosaur we see a very familiar image (see detail below).

This guy looks like the viking-styled Galaxy Warrior Huk. The helmet is the same as Huk's helmet, and although Huk was made with an orange beard, the prototype for Huk, seen on the back of the Beast from Ferror box, has a yellow beard (shown below).

This is an amazing coincidence, and it is very possible that the inspiration for the Golden Axe barbarian did not come from Huk, but instead came from the same Frank Frazetta painting, Snow Giants, that Huk's design comes from. A detail from that painting is below.

To learn more about the Galaxy Warriors' connection to the art of Frank Frazetta please see The Frazetta Connection. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Awesome Accessories: MOTU Classics Castle Grayskull

The Masters of the Universe Classics toy-line just released a Castle Grayskull set which is massive and mind-blowingly awesome.

Although it is meant for newer more articulate action figures, the castle is perfect for Galaxy Warriors.

King Dino Man !

Dino Man riding on the MOTU Classics Panthor:

Custom Huk

Here is a cool custom Huk made from a Masters of the Universe Classics King Grayskull figure. [This custom was made by member Claw Guy 3.]

Monday, July 1, 2013

Battle Display Shield!

Here is a cool display stand shaped like a shield. I especially like how the box tells the consumer that MOTU and Thundercats figures will fit on the shield. Its a clever way of making money off of the popularity of those other toy-lines, without doing something that could get them sued. The figures that are on the box all come from Soma's Fantasy World toy-line.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mix 'N' Match

Here is a nice collection of Galaxy Fighters mixed with Masters of the Universe (MOTU) stuff. The figures all use the repainted bodies of MOTU figures, but the heads have been replaced with Fighter heads. On the far left is the Fighter Batoon, which was a variation on Baltard. On the Far right is the Fighter, and also Warrior, Baltard. The snake head comes from Kobraa, who was a copy of the Warrior Sahak, and the lizard head is from the Fighter Iguana.

Yet another GW line.

Here is another toy-line that used the name Galaxy Warriors. This figure uses a lesser quality copy of the original Galaxy Warriors body with some changes made to the the figures shorts. The arms have been shrunk and the head is new, though it bears a slight resemblance to Triton. As with other toy-lines that use the name "Galaxy Warriors", this line should not be considered part of the original Galaxy Warriors, which are the subject of this site. This figure would look very out-of-place among the original line, and it doesn't exude the same mood or feel as the original barbarian-style figures.
   As far as I know, this was not made by Sungold, but it is interesting that the figure has a subtitle: "The Last Battle". This is interesting because Sungold produced a toy-line with the long and awesome title Galaxy Warrior, End of Time, the Last Battle.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Stubborn Warriors!

Here are some Galaxy Warriors knock-offs made of solid rubber. They are about the size of normal GWs but have no articulation, except for the Spikes figure that appears to have movable arms. The figures have no markings on them to tell us who made them or where they were made.


Tiger Man

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

4 Warriors

A collection of four Galaxy Warriors. From Left to Right: Baltard, Tiger Man, Dragoon, Sahak.

Looking at the Backs of the figures provides us with a little bit of information (see image below). The manufacturing stamps on the figures can help us differentiate between the various releases of the figures. The "Sungold: Made in Hong Kong" stamp appears on the right legs of Baltard and Sahak, signifying they are original Version One Warriors. Tiger Man and Dragoon have a very simplified stamp on their backs that only reads: "Sungold".

The simplified stamp on the back might indicate that these two were released in the later re-release of the line under the name Freedom Fighters. [For more information on the differences between what I call Version One and Version Two Galaxy Warriors, please see What Are The Galaxy Warriors?]

Monday, June 24, 2013

June Updates

Just made a big update to the Horse's page including some really fascinating new images.
Tiger: New picture added.
Huk: New picture added with blister card variant.

End of Time, The Last Battle by Sungold

Sungold's bizarre "Galaxy Warrior" line.

Do NOT confuse the Galaxy Warriors with Galaxy Warrior: End of Time, The Last Battle. They are two different toy-lines made by the same company.

These guys might have been part of Sungold's "last hurrah" as a company before they disappeared. They use a poor quality version of the original GW body sculpt, and they have really strange heads. They came with helmets, which is cool I guess, but they are silly in appearance and lack the raw barbaric fierceness of the original Galaxy Warriors line. The coolest thing about these figures is the extremely long title given to their toy-line.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Action Captain by Sungold

In an effort to "cash-in" on the popularity of movies by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sungold produced Action Captain. The figure below re-uses the Galaxy Warriors' body with a new head sculpt meant to look like Arnold. The Sungold label can be seen on the bottom left corner of the blister card.

Not all of the Action Captain figures used a new head sculpt. The two figures below use the sculpt of the Galaxy Warrior Rahh, with the addition of a painted-on mustache. 

A close-up of "Rahh the Action Captain" (below), plus a cool accessory, a 1980's military style phone.

This figure (below) has the head of the Galaxy Warrior Triton with a painted-on beard.

And this figure (below) is Triton with blonde hair.

Was the Action Captain "knocked-off"?
Some other figures were released under the Action Captain title, but on different blister cards without the Sungold label. The above "Captains" in this post seem to be of a higher quality than the figures shown below. The quality of the figures below, particularly their arms and heads, are not as good, and their blister cards do not have the Sungold label. Also, the blister card art has been changed to incorporate allusions to the movie Terminator.
    Additionally, the heads seem to be somewhat "shrunken" compared to the Rahh heads used in the above figures. This shrunken-head syndrome seems to be common among later re-releases of Sungold figures, even Galaxy Warriors. [For more information on Galaxy Warrior re-releases and shrunken-head examples, please see What are the Galaxy Warriors?]
    It is unclear at this time if Sungold was connected to the Action Captain figures shown below, or if those figures were "knock-offs" of the above figures. If the sub-par Action Captains are still Sungold figures, then we can safely say they are later releases, while the higher quality figures above come from the first release of the Action Captain line.

Galaxy Adventure Girl by Sungold

In 1985 Sungold continued its "knock-off" ways by copying Mattel's She-Ra and Galoob's Golden Girl. The Golden Girl line is just as good, if not superior to, the She-Ra line. In comparison, Galaxy Adventure Girl is not overly exciting and doesn't match the level of coolness and uniqueness that Sungold reached with the Galaxy Warriors. Information on the Golden Girl toy-line can be found on the excellent site, The Lair on Storm Isle.

Galoob's Golden Girl:

Mattel's She-Ra: