Wednesday, June 26, 2013

4 Warriors

A collection of four Galaxy Warriors. From Left to Right: Baltard, Tiger Man, Dragoon, Sahak.

Looking at the Backs of the figures provides us with a little bit of information (see image below). The manufacturing stamps on the figures can help us differentiate between the various releases of the figures. The "Sungold: Made in Hong Kong" stamp appears on the right legs of Baltard and Sahak, signifying they are original Version One Warriors. Tiger Man and Dragoon have a very simplified stamp on their backs that only reads: "Sungold".

The simplified stamp on the back might indicate that these two were released in the later re-release of the line under the name Freedom Fighters. [For more information on the differences between what I call Version One and Version Two Galaxy Warriors, please see What Are The Galaxy Warriors?]


  1. I have a couple figures that appear to be Batoon from the fighters line except there hands are open like the warriors line, on top of it, they are like mini figures roughly 3 1/2 inches. I have no clue where I got these guys, as I have had them for easily over 20 years. One is basicly stationary with red shorts and black vcut boots and round wristbands appears his head may move though i cant budge it and the other moves at the head, shoulders, and waist while having v cut boots and rounded wirst bands as well except his clothing is a light purple color. Was wondering if you might know something about them, I cant find any stamp on them. Thanks

  2. That Tiger Man there seems to be his own head mounted on a Thor/Dragoon body.

    1. ...Could it be the Sungold Freedom Fighters version?