Saturday, June 29, 2013

Yet another GW line.

Here is another toy-line that used the name Galaxy Warriors. This figure uses a lesser quality copy of the original Galaxy Warriors body with some changes made to the the figures shorts. The arms have been shrunk and the head is new, though it bears a slight resemblance to Triton. As with other toy-lines that use the name "Galaxy Warriors", this line should not be considered part of the original Galaxy Warriors, which are the subject of this site. This figure would look very out-of-place among the original line, and it doesn't exude the same mood or feel as the original barbarian-style figures.
   As far as I know, this was not made by Sungold, but it is interesting that the figure has a subtitle: "The Last Battle". This is interesting because Sungold produced a toy-line with the long and awesome title Galaxy Warrior, End of Time, the Last Battle.

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