Monday, June 24, 2013

End of Time, The Last Battle by Sungold

Sungold's bizarre "Galaxy Warrior" line.

Do NOT confuse the Galaxy Warriors with Galaxy Warrior: End of Time, The Last Battle. They are two different toy-lines made by the same company.

These guys might have been part of Sungold's "last hurrah" as a company before they disappeared. They use a poor quality version of the original GW body sculpt, and they have really strange heads. They came with helmets, which is cool I guess, but they are silly in appearance and lack the raw barbaric fierceness of the original Galaxy Warriors line. The coolest thing about these figures is the extremely long title given to their toy-line.


  1. This is a wave of the line and is not a different line. Galaxywarriors was wave 1 and 2 then sword n sorcerors, then end of times and finally last battle. They r all made by sungold n r continuations of the line.

  2. I prefer to think of this line as a separate line that happened to reuse the name Galaxy Warrior. There is a big difference in the production quality of the original Warriors (including the Swords & Sorcerers releases)and the Last Battle End of Times figures. Also, the "feel" of the lines are very different and these Last Battle figures don't fit the mood of the originals. They are made by Sungold, but I think Sungold was just reusing the name Galaxy Warrior (this time without an "s") because it is a very evocative name that they successfully used in the past. Other companies also used the term Galaxy Warrior on toy-lines, and just because Sungold reused the term on different toy-lines doesn't mean we have to accept them as part of the same line. In the end, it really comes down to the preference of the individual collector. My preference is to consider these toy-lines separate.

  3. Looks like they are the same toy line in the way classic MOTU and the "He-Man" space figures were the same line, ie: a few similarities, but very different lines. :)