All the Galaxy Warriors came with similar accessories that were random, and NOT specific to any one character. These basic accessories were themselves "knocked off" for subsequent toy-lines. The plastic used for original Galaxy Warrior accessories is a harder plastic, while later copies are from a softer plastic. This is most noticeable on the harnesses.

Design Influence:
To read my theory on how these weapon designs were taken from Frank Frazetta paintings, please see The Frazetta Connection.

Weapons Packs?
It is rumored that the Galaxy Warrior toy-line included a weapons pack in the same way that Masters of the Universe and GI Joe did. I have read that weapon packs would include two weapons, a harness, and a shield. I am still waiting to see proof that these weapon packs existed, and until some photographs surface I will consider them to be a rumor.

Weapons: Curved Sword, Long Sword, Axe w/ Spike, Execution-style Axe.
Even though there are only four weapons for the entire toy-line, I think the design of them is excellent. The swords are interesting and the two axes are awesome. The weapons, more than the other accessories, add to the imaginary "mood" of the toy-line and the fantasy realm in which these characters are meant to exist. All four weapons are very vicious and threatening in appearance, amplifying the barbaric and brutal feel of the Galaxy Warrior's world. These characters don't waste time with small wands, whips, magical items or gadgets. They use big cleaving-weapons and brute force to "do work" on their enemies.

Shields: Tiger Shield, Plain Shield, Eagle Shield.
The Tiger and Eagle shields are unique to this toy-line. The designs could be used in a play scenario to create factions, but as with the other accessories, the shields were packaged at random with the figures. The plain shield has some nice details but it was copied heavily, and it shows up in many other toy-lines including Galaxy Fighters, Defenders of the Planets, Galaxy Heroes, and others.

The shield backs use a type of gripping design similar, but different from, those found on the backs of some MOTU shields.

Tiger Shield close up.

Detail of harness straps. 

Harnesses: Circle or "Sun" Harness, Square Harness.
Neither harness is terribly exciting, but the Sun harness is much more interesting. The harnesses are adjustable and fit well on the figures. The harnesses were copied for later toy-lines, and I have found that later copies are usually made from a cheaper soft plastic. Square harnesses with a cross on them are not Galaxy Warrior variants, they are from the Galaxy Heroes toy-line.

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