Baltard is cool because he is the only "elf-like" character in the line. His pointy ears and topknot are fairly unique among the muscled hero action figures from the 1980's. Since his ears are also colored, it suggest that they are also hairy, which is definitely a unique idea that this figure might be promoting. Also, Baltard has a fantastic expression, once again highlighting the quality of the head sculpts in this toy-line.

Baltard can be found with two different colors of hair; brown and red. The color of his ears also changes to match the hair color on his head.

Brown hair.
Red Hair.
On the back of the "Beast Box", Baltard is shown with Red Hair (see below). In my experience the red haired version is harder to find, and its interesting that this is the version shown on the box.

Red-haired Baltard from "Beast Box" packaging.
Baltard Images:


  1. Baltard is another Frazetta character... Google "Swamp Demon" you will be able to see the similar features such as skin color, hair style, and pointy ears. This is definately another character inspired by a Frank Frazetta painting

    1. That really does look like him.

  2. Found this, a long-armed variant of Baltard.