Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Deevil and Rahh

There were two Galaxy Warrior figures not released with the initial series on "standard" Galaxy Warrior blister cards. Instead, they were released on cards with the title of Swords and Sorcerers (see image below). These blister cards are pretty cool because they still sport the Galaxy Warriors logo and they provide the name of the character. The two figures on the left, Deevil and Rahh, are the two figures exclusively released on these "S&S" cards. Should these figures actually be considered "legit" Galaxy Warriors? Go HERE to find an answer to that question.

1. Deevil
Deevil is really cool with his yellow eyes and his horned helmet.

A really beat-up Deevil figure.
2. Rahh
Rahh is less exciting than Deevil and he is the most "He-Man looking" character in the Galaxy Warrior line.

Rahh's back, with Sungold stamp on right leg visible.
Another toy similar in appearance to Rahh can be found in Sparkle's Defenders of the Planets toy-line that was produced in 1985. The Defenders featured a hero named Orion (below) that bears an uncanny resemblance to Rahh. Of course, both figures resemble He-Man, and it is almost certainly He-Man that was the predominant influence behind both Orion and Rahh. Especially since both figures's accompanying toy-lines were made to cash-in on the popularity of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


A blurry but nice picture of Rahh.

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