Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Marty Toys' Warriors of Galaxy

In 1983 Marty Toys released some small toys with electronic sounds called Warriors of the Galaxy. They are cool and I wanted to post them just to show how prevalent it was for toy companies to use names and terms that closely resembled Masters of the Universe (MOTU for short), in order to tie into the success and hype MOTU was having. Companies were careful not to use the words "Universe" or "Masters" but they used replacement words that connected to the same themes of the MOTU world. These toy-lines with "knock-off names" included Galaxy Warriors by Sungold, Galaxy Fighters by Sewco, Defenders of Planets by Sparkle and some others.
     Also, I think its cool that these Warriors of the Galaxy toys are set up as "Golden Heroes vs. Galactic Demons." Knock-off or not, that's just plain cool.

These toys also came in small blister packs.

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