Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lord of Insects?

Lord of Insects was a four figure knock-off line trying to copy the Sectaurs toy-line made by Coleco. However, the heads and torsos of these figures are copies of Galaxy Warriors.

A figure from Coleco's Sectaurs, the "inspiration" for Lord of Insects.
General Agus (below) has the head of the Galaxy Warrior Thor.
General Agus from the Lord of Insects.
Ork (below) has the head of the Galaxy Warrior Deevil. This "insect" version of Deevil was copied in the knock-off line Turly Gang.
Ork from the Lord of Insects.
Triton with a beard?!
Professor Orio (below) has the head of Triton from the Galaxy Warriors, with a beard painted on his face.

The Galaxy Warriors Triton with a painted on beard.
Vidar (below) is harder to pin down. His head may be taken from the Galaxy Warrior Rahh, or from a figure in some other toy-line.

The legs are the only part of these figures not copied from Galaxy Warriors, and they are made to resemble the legs found on Sectaurs figures (below).

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