Monday, April 22, 2013

Fantasy Toy Spotlight: Speclatron

Speclatron, made by S&T Sales around 1984, is an interesting line that used a muscled hero body similar to the Galaxy Warriors. These figures carried shields that were taken from either the Galaxy Warriors or Galaxy Fighters lines, and they all had clear torsos filled with liquid and glitter. Some figures had swords and some had guns. A nice little post about these figures by the Knock-Off Collector can be found HERE.

Left to Right: Speclatron's Hero, Galaxy Warriors' Dino Man.

The Speclatron figure, Deemin, released under a new toy-line title, Aquamen (below).

The Flexatron figures I posted about earlier were also made by S&T Sales and at least some of those figures designs and accessories were just copied from the Speclatron line.


  1. These are pretty cool. Never heard of them. Interesting how Venum came with a cat. To bad they don't have any character histories on the packing. Is that writing just about the world they inhabit?

  2. I've never heard of these before today. I'll have to see if I can track some down. They look pretty cool. One question. Where did you get those stands you are displaying them with. They look perfect for my Masters of the Universe!

    1. The figures in this post are not from my collection. But you can find stands like those online if you search for doll stands. They come in different heights and colors and things. I plan to get some of those stands too because they would be great for holding up older action figures, especially Galaxy Warriors and Masters of the Universe figures whose legs have become loose.