Friday, April 19, 2013

Fantasy Toy Spotlight: DinosaurRider

The DinosaurRider is a fairly cool robot, and made specifically to be ridden by He-Man and other similarly sized figures. If you want to take your Galaxy Warrior collection in a science-fiction direction then adding a giant robot dinosaur to your display is not a bad way to go. This is assuming that you can actually find a DinosaurRider to add to your collection.

The best thing about this toy is its packaging that shows the DinosaurRider being used with He-Man, Moss Man, and Two-Bad from Mattel's Masters of the Universe (MOTU). We can safely say that the makers of this toy did not actually get permission to use MOTU figures in its advertising. I like the last bullet point on the box: "More fun if you put a toy man on the auto-swaying saddle."

DinosaurRider and He-Man? Somebody was just asking to get sued with this marketing idea.


  1. That is a cool figure. I like its design. Did they make more than one dinosaur-rider? Or was it just this one?

  2. As far as I know this is the only one. I've never seen others and the box packaging doesn't mention or show other figures in the line. I think it was a one figure knock-off. If I come across more I'll post updates.

  3. Hardly knocked off from a Zoids Rehorn at all oh no. ;-)

  4. Yep, just chiming in on the ZOIDS recycling of this one. Awesome blog by the way.